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Eric Salituro

“As an early adopter of cryptocurrency, Eric has spent the past eight years educating clients on the importance of blockchain technology and the impact it will have on our lives.”

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Davide DeMango

"Davide is a software developer of 6 years with a vast understanding of how the blockchain and crypto markets function. He now focuses on brand marketing and educating clients on the importance of web3 and blockchain technology"

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Patrick Diggins

"Patrick runs the jewelry division of the world's third largest 3D printing company and also spent 8 years as Head of Production for a manufacturing plant. He entered crypto in 2017 when XRP and NEM took off and he has never looked back."

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Steven Kenny

"Steven has eight years of real estate sales experience in the Greater Boston area and has been successfully trading crypto since 2017. He has a passion for networking and is an expert when it comes to anything sales related."

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At LunaCopper we find it extremely important for everyone to understand the future of digital currency such as cryptocurrency, NFT's, Web 3.0, Defi, etc. So we thought we would offer free tutorials for everyone to learn.

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