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LunaCopper is a consulting group that assists clients in their navigation of the cryptocurrency space. Backed by 13 years of experience in cryptocurrency research, investing, and development our consults instill confidence and knowledge in our clients giving them the edge needed in this ever evolving and volatile industry.


LunaCopper is focused on informing our clients of projects that push the boundaries of blockchain technology in innovative ways while avoiding the sensationalism that is rampant in the space. We also have the knowledge needed to assist creative engineers as they expand into the world of NFTs.

DeFi- staking solutions, liquidity, swaps

Web 3.0



Scaling and computational solutions

Ethereum Alternatives

Scattered Coins


LunaCopper offers cost varying consulting packages for our clients. The content covered during your consultation will be determined by your experience with cryptocurrency. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, our consultants can assist you.


“I flew to the moon not so much to go there but as part of developing the system that would allow it to happen.” -Neil Armstrong

 Luna Nobis Exspectat

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